How to change your battery for Dodge Charger key fob in 6 easy steps!

battery for dodge charger key fob
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We all know how important it is to keep our cars safe and secure, but did you also realize that the key fob can sometimes die on us? If this has happened then don’t worry; we’re here for solutions! In this post I’ll show how easy fixing them becomes once there’s a problem with a battery for Dodge Charger key fob!

Do you need a Dodge Charger battery replacement?

For many Dodge key fobs, the battery type is CR2032. However if your old one was a lithium model than you will need to find an appropriate replacement while at stores in order not having any problems with programming or opening cars when trying do so remotely just like described above! Most standard batteries cost around $5 per pack depending on where they are purchased.

Steps to change your battery for Dodge Charger key fob:

Once you have the correct battery replacement with you follow these easy steps:

  • Turn the key fob over to find the slide button. Slide this left and pull out the key.
  • Locate the small gap on the top next to the hole the key came out of.
  • Start to pry open the case. A quarter works well for this part.
  • Now you can see the battery and remove it.
  • You can now replace the battery. The flat, positive side of the battery should be face down so you can’t read the words on the back.
  • Reverse these steps to put the key fob back together, and you’re set.


Here are the steps to change your battery for Dodge Charger key fob. If you need help, we can provide it and install a new one for you! Contact us today and let’s get this done together.